n. A machine that dispenses time-stamped tickets in a parking lot.
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Literally thousands of old and not-so-old items will be auctioned off starting at 10 a.m., everything from a Rudd water heater to 4,300 blue arena seats still bolted to the floor and parking lot ticket spitters to a Pratt Reed spinet piano.
—John Makeig, “Everything in the Coliseum must go,” The Houston Chronicle, August 01, 1997
The electrical service that started up on Aug. 30 after approval by officials from Toronto and Ontario Hydro will not only power the new fluorescent lights that have been installed throughout the garage but also the fire alarms, emergency speakers, "spitters" that issue tickets, gates that let cars through and cash registers that collect money when the cars leave.
—“Work in progress (70): Notes from the undergorund,” The Globe and Mail (Canada), September 30, 1994
1985 (earliest)
Upon pulling into one of the garage's two street entrances, the driver receives a "spitter" ticket from a machine and the parking gate opens, according to Jack Finnerty, CitiPark International senior vice president and general manager.
—David M. Kinchen, “At CitiCorp Plaza parking structure, automated equipment relieves blockage,” Los Angeles Times, September 22, 1985
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