pp. Simultaneously performing multiple tasks using multiple screened devices.
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The survey found that we own approximately four digital devices each, rising to five among Australian, German and UK respondents. This, combined with demand for TV and video content on-the-go, is fuelling the rise of multi-screening or ‘screen-stacking’ — the use of multiple digital devices at the same time.
We're quickly becoming a world of multitaskers. While you’re reading this, you might be watching TV or using a second device — smartphone, tablet or laptop. In a study of the multiscreening behaviors of audiences in 30 countries, the U.S. ranks first in stacking, spending on average 91 minutes a day watching TV while also doing something unrelated on a second device.
—Joline McGoldrick, “Tuning into multitasking,” The Economist Group, April 25, 2014
2013 (earliest)
The other major social phenomenon driven by digital devices is ‘media stacking’. Half (49%) of people use their smartphones and tablets for completely unrelated activities while watching TV every week — such as surfing the net (36%), social networking (22%) or online shopping (16%).
—“The Communications Market Report,” Ofcom, June 15, 2013