stalker site
n. A website devoted to a celebrity, the content of which clearly indicates that the fan who created the site is obsessed with their subject.
Gone are the days of the drummer's aunt sitting in a makeshift office in the spare bedroom sifting through bags of mail. Now there tends to be two types of site — the official initiative from the record company and the alternative fan or "stalker" sites.
—Jane Austin, “Welcome to the new audio galaxy,” The Guardian, February 26, 2001
Fans use the World Wide Web to express devotion to — and sometimes obsession with — specific celebrities. Internet Stars has links to more than 470 fan pages, from humble homages to creepy "stalker sites."
—“Hotlist: Celebrities,” The Houston Chronicle, January 19, 1997
1996 (earliest)
Stalker Site
A Web site created by an obviously obsessed fan. "Have you seen that Gillian Anderson stalker site? The guy's got like 200 pictures of her!"
—Gareth Branwyn, “Jargon Watch,” Wired, September 01, 1996
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