n. A documentary that stalks or attempts to find a person.
California-based filmmaker Heidi van Lier, author of The Indie Film Rule Book (available at and writer-director-producer-star of the award-winning "stalkumentary" Chi Girl (1999) appeared at the 2010 Ozark Foothills FilmFest in Batesville to talk about her experiences making and promoting her films.
—“Screen gems,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, April 23, 2010
Sensing that the actress was his lucky star in more ways than one, Herzlinger used his prize money to finance "My Date With Drew," a film chronicle in the spirit of TV's "Average Joe," which asks the question: Can a guy who grew up watching "Dynasty" score lunch with the daughter of an American acting dynasty?

The result is slight, but sweet in this hybrid of stalkumentary and romantic comedy.
—Carrie Rickey, “‘My Date With Drew’,” Philadelphia Inquirer, August 05, 2005
1995 (earliest)
Move over documentary, shove off rockumentary, make way mockumentary, what we have here, in the instantly classic tradition of Roger and Me, is the "stalkumentary" — the kind where the elusiveness of the subject is the name of the game, and where the entire picture is infused with the resonating presence of an absence.
—Rick Groen, “Tracking Down Maggie The Unofficial Biography of Margaret Thatcher,” The Globe and Mail, February 10, 1995
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