stealth dorm
n. A home zoned as a single-family residence but rented by a group of unrelated individuals, particularly college students.
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There is a darkness moving over Texas, a creeping dread passing over its most comfortable neighborhoods: the stealth dorm. This shadow represents a threat to the families that call college towns like Austin home. The stealth dorm — say it like this, stealth dorm — is a barrow of Millennials looking to save money by living together as roommates. The horror.
—Kriston Capps, “Are Millennial 'Stealth Dorms' Ruining Texas Cities?,” CityLab, November 11, 2015
"We have a concern that as the university grows and as there are less options for housing, that either more of the existing homes within our neighborhood would start to be leased to students or have a situation where an older home is torn down and one of theses stealth dorms built it their place," Jackson said.
—Caty Hirst, “Proposal to restrict ‘stealth dorms’ faces opposition,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 05, 2014
"Stealth dorms" refer to homes on single-family lots occupied by up to six students at a time. Rather than live on campus or student-heavy neighborhoods, students at UT and other colleges often decamp to residential neighborhoods because they're lower-cost and just plain homier.
2010 (earliest)
Zennia is already dealing with enough over crowding from the five or six Stealth Dorms that went in on the east end of Zennia near Leralynn. The Stealth Dorms are houses that have been built for roommates, but coded as single-family homes.
—Karen D. Gilbert, “New Apartment Complex on Zennia and Lamar,” Crestview-ing, November 15, 2010
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