n. A photograph of one or more people, taken without their knowledge or consent.
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468: Number of 24-hour security cameras in Cannes, which means, even if you aren’t taking your own picture, someone else is. Think of it [as] a "stealthie."
Mr. Robbins had quite the security detail, so I took this stealthie of Tony as he was confined to the makeup chair prior to his appearance.
—Brian Krebs, “Spam Nation Book Tour Highlights,” Krebs on Security, November 24, 2014
Smartphone cameras are not just for selfies, they’re also for taking "stealthies," or secret snaps of people around you, mostly in the "OMG, look how hot this guy/girl is" category (admit it, you and your friends have a Viber/Whatsapp/WeChat thread dedicated to this).
2012 (earliest)
Stealthie? RT @baileyspark Hi @HardenPSY101
—Mr. Harden, “Stealthie?,” Twitter, November 15, 2012
A stealthie. Photo: Paul McFedries.
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