stomach share
n. An informal market share measure used within the food industry.
The review coincides with recent remakings of the agency rosters of fast feeders like Domino's Pizza Inc. and the McDonald’s Corporation as competition for stomach share intensifies across all menu categories.
—Stuart Elliot, “Taco Bell joins the industry shake-up with a review, and there's nothing ordinary about it.,” The New York Times, February 04, 1997
The suppertime crunch means big changes at your neighborhood supermarket, as the grocery industry fights to carve out more of the market dubbed "stomach share."
—Mark Albright, “Store Wars,” St. Petersburg Times, June 02, 1996
1984 (earliest)
While federal and association-sponsored promotions go a long way to create general awareness, it takes individual efforts to reap particular harvests. Front-running retail packers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their merchandising mixes as the battle for market and stomach share heats up.
—John M Saulnier, “The word is out: fish is the dish,” Quick Frozen Foods, October 01, 1984
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