n. People who listen to Internet-based radio or music broadcasts.
Internet radio is popular in Australia, with Real Audio claiming 2.2 million .au downloads, says Undercover executive producer (music) Paul Cashmere.

"When people are surfing the Net, the number one thing they do at the same time as they are surfing the Net is listen to radio. In America they've even a name for these listeners now — they're called the streamies," he says.
—Adam Turner, “Streamies go Undercover for online sounds,” The Age (Melbourne, Australia), April 04, 2000
The study, which can be read at or, looks at the so-called "streamies," that is, consumers who make use of the newer services that allow sound or video to be continuously broadcast — or "streamed" — on the Web.
—Clea Simon, “Waiting for Web Radio to Click,” The Boston Globe, March 02, 2000
2000 (earliest)
One of the newest words to be spawned by the electronic revolution is "Streamies," that group of people who regularly listen to audio or view video online.
—Sherman Fridman, “Online Radio Listeners Gain Net Stature — Study,” Newsbytes, February 17, 2000
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