street score
n. A valuable or useful item found on the street or in the trash.
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#drseuss wisdom/ street score of the day!! #SF @ San Francisco, California
—Nezbeat, “#drseuss wisdom…,” Twitter, February 01, 2016
street score in Brooklyn!!! It's been a while since I've found a gem in the trash. But this morning I stumbled upon a super clean copy of Voodounon by Lafayette Afro Rock Band.
—johnnyfego, “street score in…,” Instagram, December 06, 2015
Our chairs were street scores, the gifts of garbage night.
—Veronica Varlow, “Magic Monday: Room Readings are New Palm Readings,” Danger Diary, June 03, 2013
2008 (earliest)
My nose has been known to twitch when a “street score” yields a new bookshelf, a set of drinking glasses, or someone else’s discarded knitting supplies.
—Karen Solomon, “Introduction,” The Cheap Bastard's Guide to San Francisco, January 30, 2008
The word score is here used as a laundered version of a criminal slang term that means "goods or money obtained illegally, esp. as the result of a successful crime." That bit of argot dates back to at least 1914.

This sense of street score is not to be confused with StreetScore, an algorithm created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that assigns to a streetscape a perceived safety score (0 = least safe, 10 = most safe) based on people's subjective responses to how safe the location appears in a Google StreetView photo.
Some typical StreetScore ratings. Source: MIT Media Lab
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