n. The changes caused by a large number of students moving into a neighborhood or community, particularly university students attending a nearby school.
A new study into the studentification of a Leeds suburb has sparked a row between Leeds University and residents.

Families in Headingley say the area has been turned into a student ghetto in recent years with a massive increase in rented accommodation.

And they say the report, which was commissioned by the University of Leeds, puts the blame squarely with the city's largest academic institution. Richard Tyler of the Houses in Multiple Occupancy Lobby Group said: This vindicates campaigners arguments and it revealed that the university itself was the root cause of 'studentification' in Leeds.
—Matthew Taylor, “'Students taking over our suburb',” Yorkshire Evening Post, January 03, 2003
1997 (earliest)
Parrish, on the other hand, urged the council to continue to provide no-interest loans to the association so the group could buy homes in Pine Knolls and protect the neighborhood near the Chapel Hill-Carrboro border from gentrification, or "studentification," as officials have described the pattern in this university town.
—Anne Blythe, “Housing advocates to meet on Knolls,” The News & Observer, April 02, 1997
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