n. A person who has a balanced and realistic view of technology.
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Technorealists advocate the exploration of the consequences, especially those that are unintended, wrought by various technologies, without resorting to intangible conclusions.
—Trenia Walker & Cameron White, “Technorealism: the rhetoric and reality of technology in teacher education,” Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, March 22, 2002
In response to these views, the dissidents wrote a manifesto calling for "techno-realism" and calling themselves techno-realists. This manifesto—instantly given its own World Wide Web site at—rejects the "louder voices at the extremes" in favor of a more balanced consensus, a "fertile middle ground between techno-utopianism and neo-Luddism."
—Edward Rothstein, “A rather benign declaration on the Internet is treated as a revolutionary manifesto,” The New York Times, March 23, 1998
1998 (earliest)
As technorealists, we seek to expand the fertile middle ground between techno-utopianism and neo-Luddism.
—“Technorealism Overview,” Technorealism, March 12, 1998
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