n. A talent agency.
Reflecting UTA's long tradition of growing agents from the mailroom to the top echelons of the tenpercentery, Burns and Hansen each got their start there.
—Elizabeth Guider, “UTA ups two agents to partner,” Hollywood Reporter, June 03, 2010
Author Nick Hornby, an Oscar nominee this year for adapted screenplay for "An Education," has signed with WME for representation in film and TV. … Hornby has not previously signed with a tenpercentery on this side of the pond.
—Cynthia Littleton, “WME signs Hornby,” Variety, March 09, 2010
1980 (earliest)
Generally the booking agency fee is set at 10%, sometimes for this reason the booking agency is referred to colloquially as the "tenpercentery"
—Joseph Taubman, In Tune With the Music Business, Law-Arts Pub, December 01, 1980