n. A massive project, particularly one that costs a trillion dollars or more.
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The problem, in the Age of the Teraproject, is that governments are still really, really bad at managing even mere billion-dollar projects.
—Doug Sanders, “Move over megaprojects, here come the teraprojects,” The Globe and Mail, January 02, 2016
"Not only are megaprojects large, they are constantly growing ever larger in a long historical trend and project costs have escalated to the billions. To be accurate, megaprojects are evolving into gigaprojects and even teraprojects, and seem to be accelerating," he says.
—Tom Nevin, “Mega disasters in the making,” Business Day (Johannesburg, South Africa), August 31, 2015
Recent developments in the size of the very largest projects and programs indicate we may presently be entering the "tera era" of large-scale project management. If we consider as projects the stimulus packages that were launched by the United States, Europe, and China to mitigate the effects of the 2008 financial and economic crises, then we may speak of trillion-dollar projects and thus of "teraprojects."
—Bent Flyvbjerg, “What Are Megaprojects? How Big Are They?,” LinkedIn, November 02, 2014
2009 (earliest)
Moon building is probably a gigaproject or even teraproject.
—Ian, “Lonely Luna — Not Feeling the Love?” (comment), Rocketpunk Manifesto, May 12, 2009
When the day is done, and when all the bills have been paid, the chances are that the Solway dam will merely be a Kilo project.

Megaprojects proper, as is well known, include the Channel Barrage, the scheme to dam the Straits of Gibraltar…and the melting of the Antarctic ice-cap.
—Geminus, “It seems to me,” New Scientist, July 16, 1964
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