text message injury
n. A form of repetitive stress injury caused by excessive use of the thumb to type text messages into a mobile phone.
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Last year, Andrew Chadwick, director of the British RSI Association, suggested that children obsessed with text messaging could be at risk from TMI — Text Message Injury — a painful swelling and inflammation of the fingers and thumbs.
—Nigel Powell, “When text messaging can be bad for your health,” The Times (London), April 09, 2002
2001 (earliest)
The craze for text messaging could create an RSI epidemic, a charity has warned. The rapid movements used to send text from a mobile phone can cause a new form of repetitive strain injury dubbed TMI.

The RSI Association believes Text Message Injury could afflict huge numbers of people as the texting craze grows.

Director Andrew Chadwick said: "We're talking about people making hundreds of tiny repeated movements as they use the keypad.

"That's almost a prefect recipe for causing RSI."
—“Texting is bad 4u,” The Mirror, April 04, 2001
Word Spy subscriber Ravi Subramanian has suggested that another name for this type of medical condition ought to be "repetitive press injury." Thumbs up!
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