v. To create and send text messages.
Other Forms
'Some Americans wonder how you can actually punch letters on a small keypad,' said Ayson. 'Some Filipino teenagers can do it blindfolded. I can't do that — but I can text while driving.'
—Benjamin Pimentel, “Cell Phone Craze May Be Key to Philippines' Future; Nation a hotbed of 'texting',” The San Francisco Chronicle, February 11, 2001
1999 (earliest)
Globe Telecommunications GMCR followed, and popularized, at the same time made popular by, its value-added services such as Caller ID, Voice Mail, … and, its most popular feature, Text Messaging. Texting has become so popular that it introduced a convenient new communication channel, making people rely not just on audio transmission but also on data.
—Vivian A. Sun, “GSM: The wave of the future,” Business World, January 22, 1999
With all the recent fuss and bother about accidents caused by drivers talking on cell phones, imagine the hue and cry that will ensue when it becomes apparent that drivers are also typing on cell phones!