theme dormitory
n. A college dormitory organized around a particular ethnic, cultural, or political theme.
In a move they hope will increase enrollment and attract more students from outside Long Island, Five Towns College administrators are finalizing plans to build four theme dormitories on the music school's 34-acre Dix Hills campus. …

Each dorm would have an as-yet-undetermined theme based on an aspect of the college's curriculum. For example, one dorm could be named the "symphony hall," where students who played in the school symphony would be given priority.
—Erik Holm, “4-dorm plan takes shape,” Newsday, October 28, 1999
Both Georgetown and the Catholic University are seeking to highlight service on their campuses by creating theme dormitories, where residents pledge to do regular volunteer work as a condition of living in the halls.
—Brooke A. Masters, “Campus Life,” The Washington Post, October 31, 1993
1988 (earliest)
But controversy has dogged three ethnic theme dormitories — where 50% of the residents are black, Mexican-American or Asian. The dorms sponsor ethnic-oriented educational, social and cultural programs and aim to "let people know we care about them and respond to their needs and we want them to become part of the general student body," said Michael L. Jackson, associate dean of students for campus affairs. Critics, however, argue that the houses only foster segregation.
—Lynn Smith, “Minority student,” Los Angeles Times, January 06, 1988
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