v. To not watch a TV show saved on a TiVo or other personal video recorder.
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So I more than understand when people who don't get paid to watch TV tell me they've regretfully let go of a once-cherished sitcom or simply can't find another hour for the drama I've told them they shouldn't be missing.
When the choice is between juggling a half-dozen serials or having a life, there is no choice.

Just say TiNo.
—Ellen Gray, “So many taped shows, so little time,” The Philadelphia News, October 19, 2006
You know that whole list of shows sucking up space on your DVR - the ones you haven't watched and will most likely end up deleting without watching? They're TiNos.
For example:

"Did you watch Ugly Betty?"

"I TiNo'd it."
—Layer 8, “Do you TiNo?,” NetworkWorld, October 16, 2006
2006 (earliest)
It is decreed by your Cultural Commissar.
Or, rather, it just poppeed into my head and I like it, so I'm sticking with it.

I like it because it's simple and flexible. Someone asks if you watched "Kidnapped" and you say, "I TiNo'd it." Hey, they've been there. They know exactly what you mean.

Other uses: "I've TiNo'd half the season. We'll see if I ever get the time to watch." Also: "What's your TiNo situation?" You: "Smith. A couple of Lettermans. Two Frontlines. Third Jericho. It's getting stacked."
—Tim Goodman, “TiNo: The word for when you don't watch what you TiVo,” SFGate.com, October 12, 2006
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