tolerance room
n. A room that provides drug addicts with a safe and clean environment in which to inject their drugs.
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The Queensland Alcohol and Drug
Foundation wants compulsory three-day dry-out centres opened in the state.

The foundation's chief executive officer Bob Aldred said if tolerance rooms or "t-rooms" like the Wayside Chapel's in Sydney were opened in Queensland, operators would risk 15-year jail terms.
—“Drug watch calls for compulsory 'dry-out' centres,” AAP Newsfeed, May 14, 1999
The chapel housed a "Tolerance Room" based on Swiss and Dutch models and in defiance of Prime Minister John Howard's "zero tolerance" policy on drugs. It was the first attempt in Australia to offer drug addicts a safe environment to inject drugs using clean equipment and under medical supervision.
—“Police raid controlled haven in church for drug users,” The Seattle Times, May 12, 1999
1999 (earliest)
An illegal heroin shooting gallery will be opened at Sydney's Wayside Chapel today by a group of church leaders and drug reform campaigners.

Based on a European model, the $7000 T-Room, or Tolerance Room, will be open for three days a week, two hours a day, and will be staffed by volunteers with health experience.
—Jonathan Porter, “Shooting gallery at chapel,” The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), May 03, 1999
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