adj. Relating to art, especially animation, that combines both traditional and computer-based techniques.
Katzenberg believes that Disney would approve of the changes in the way cartoons are made today. He has coined a term for the blending of computer animation with classical cell animation techniques — "tradigital." And he says that the style, which burst on the scene with such films as Toy Story, Antz, Shrek and Ice Age, is here to stay.
—Roger Moore, “The 'Spirit' of Jeffrey Katzenberg,” The Orlando Sentinel, May 24, 2002
1995 (earliest)
For this year's poster advertising "The Nutcracker," Canfield turned to some of the newest technology and tapped some of the city's newest artists. . . . Canfield approached the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where instructor Judith Moncrieff both invented and is now teaching a new digital medium called "Tradigital." The school held a competition between Moncrieff's students, who used the medium to electronically combine everything from photographs of costumes to stills from videotapes of performing dancers.
—Randy Gragg, “Art students get a crack at 'Nutcracker',” Portland Oregonian, October 25, 1995
Like the art forms it describes, today's term is a blend of traditional and digital. Note, however, that it wasn't coined by Jeffrey Katzenberg as the first example citation claims. More likely, the inventor was artist and teacher Judith Moncrieff.