tree bashing
n. Skiers' slang for skiing in the trees that divide the slopes on a mountain.
Also Seen As
The term tree bashing is a bit of a dark joke, a reminder of just how dangerous a thing it is to do.
—Rick Reilly, “Slippery Slopes,” Sports Illustrated, January 19, 1998
For more years than I care to remember, poltergeist-like twinges have haunted my right knee, courtesy of a large defensive tackle from Youngstown State. Then last November I made the mistake of following my snowboarder son tree-bashing in the powder. I flopped over, felt a little stabbing pain, levered myself up, and kept skiing.
—Fred Matheny, “Tales from the crip,” Bicycling, September 01, 1995
1994 (earliest)
Common sense ought to keep skiers from "tree bashing," the practice of heading off the course for a game of dodging trees, but some daredevils do it anyway.
—Edward M. Eveld, “Injuries are no way to spend vacation,” The Kansas City Star, November 13, 1994