adj. Relating to a fashion trend based on styles seen in the streets or created by independent designers.
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Coolhunters offer what they call "a window on the world of the street" — essential at a time when cool has become "trickle up", where poor black boys in the ghettoes of Harlem can dictate what a middle-class kid in Neutral Bay wears.
—Miranda Devine, “Trendsetters who don't lose their cool,” The Daily Telegraph, May 12, 1998
She makes a persuasive case, for instance, for the influence of street-fashion, generally considered a late century development, as early as the 1940s. The Harlem zoot suit for men was an early example of trickle-up trend.
—Leanne Delap, “Style demands substance,” The Globe and Mail, January 03, 1998
1987 (earliest)
Westwood-watchers can point out other instances of this "trickle-up" phenomenon. Her outsize curvy shapes resurfaced in Claude Montana's big rounded leathers.
—Gerri Hirshey, “She Hoops to Conquer,” The Washington Post, June 07, 1987
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