trust slug
n. A person who has grown lazy and unmotivated from living off a trust fund.
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"For many parents, it's their first experience of wealth. And there are lots of preoccupations, such as: Will our children grow up 'normal'? Am I spoiling my child? How will our wealth affect our child's self-esteem and sense of self-worth? Will our child be exploited because of our wealth? Can I prevent our child becoming a 'trust-slug'?
—“Why it's good to say no,” The Irish Times, November 22, 2004
Is your child, for whom you have established a trust fund, unmotivated? He may be a "trust slug."
—Candy J. Cooper, “Whare There's a Will,” The Dallas Morning News, February 18, 2001
2000 (earliest)
Clients want their wealth to give their children opportunities they did not have themselves when they were young. But they also fear their children will turn into 'trust slugs,' who are dependent on family money and have no incentive to follow a career.
—Jessica Hall, “Net millionaires try not to raise brats: Advisers help stop kids turning into 'trust slugs',” National Post (Canada), January 12, 2000
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