n. An unusually strong fear of, or aversion to, holes, particularly tiny holes that appear clustered together.
Other Forms
I have a phobia. Well, it's not a fear so much as this deep-seated existential disgust. … It is … clusters. Specifically, irregular clusters of organically shaped holes or bumps. … But it turns out this seems common, though I can't find a single bit of research or any articles about it. There are even Internet-coined terms for it: trypophobia, or repetitive pattern phobia.
—K. Williams Brown, “The improbably horror of clusters,” Statesman Journal, December 12, 2010
So, while on-line tonight, I decided to google "fear of holes." A bunch of forums that are related to phobias jumped out at me, and after several readings, I realized that I suffer from Trypophobia.
—“Trypophobia,” Mortgage News, October 13, 2010
2006 (earliest)
Anyway…the name for the phobia is trypophobia. There are actually quite a few people with the phobia, but most of them are girls.
—catiedowen46051, “Phobia of Holes,”, April 27, 2006