n. A snide or sarcastic remark delivered subtly so that the subject does not see or recognize the criticism.
Paul Krugman: undersnark virtuoso
—Joy Reid, “Paul Krugman: undersnark…,” Twitter, April 15, 2016
Undersnark is stealth snark, borderline snark, the thematic undertweet of snark ecosystem. Undersnark can provide plausible snark deniability
—Josh Marshall, “Undersnark is stealth…,” Twitter, April 15, 2016
2013 (earliest)
@Sainsha Not like a slightly questionable comedy version then? I thought you might be hiding an undersnark in there. #undersnark
—Curls McBobbins, “@Sainsha Not like…,” Twitter, December 06, 2013
@Mibs131 Well, yeah. Did I undersnark there? Sometimes I toe the line…
—silly&eknowsit, “@Mibs131 Well, yeah…,” Twitter, July 11, 2012
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