pp. The deletion of an ebook or similar download by the original provider of that download.
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Recently ebook vendors have introduced a new word entered our renter society: "undownloading." Highlighted on Techdirt by Glyn Moody, undownloading happens when your ebook provider discovers that you've made the mistake of traveling where it has no legal right to sell you books, so it decides to rip the books off your device.
—Matt Asay, “Rise Of The Renter Class: In A Spotify World, Need We Own Anything?,” ReadWrite, October 31, 2013
It turns out that because I am not in a country where Google Books is an approved enterprise (which encompasses most of the countries on the planet), I cannot download. Local wisdom among the wizards here speculates that the undownloading occurred when the update noted that I was outside the US borders and so intervened.
—Jim O'Donnell, “DRM follies,” LibLicense-L Discussion Forum, August 15, 2013
2009 (earliest)
There's something very satisfying about the news that Amazon can delete books people download to their Kindle readers. Books contain ideas and sometimes lies or so-called 'fiction,' and so people can be lead into commiting [sic] thoughtcrimes without knowing it, all by books.
—“Amazon undownloads 1984 and sets Orwell free,” microappleyahoogoogleplex.com, May 19, 2009