veggie libel
n. The false disparagement of perishable food products.
Other Forms
Such laws to protect the reputation of carrots and spinach were immediately nicknamed "the veggie libel laws" or "the veggie hate laws."
—Ellen Goodman, “A libel case that's hard to stomach,” The Boston Globe, January 11, 1998
Nonetheless, previous efforts to pass veggie libel laws in Sacramento have been stymied. Two years ago, Costa and Assemblyman Tom J. Bordonaro Jr. (R-Paso Robles) proposed companion bills that would have created "veggie libel" as a new civil cause of action.
—Martha Groves, “Push grows for law on 'veggie libel',” Los Angeles Times, August 20, 1997
1991 (earliest)
In a move that was hailed as a major victory for the human rights of vegetation nationwide, the Colorado Senate this week passed a bill extending libel protection to fruits, vegetables and other perishable food.
—Ken Ringle, “In Colorado, A Veggie Libel Bill,” The Washington Post, March 21, 1991