Velcro dog
n. A dog that always sticks close to its owner, especially by following the person from room to room.
Since that day, dog and mistress have become inseparable. Gwinner refers to him as her "Velcro dog."
—Veronika LaRocque, “Animal Planet to feature 'Shaggy' dog adoption in Southampton,” The Republican, August 02, 2010
In the greyhound world, they call this "chipping," because greyhounds are like potato chips: you can’t have just one, Norton said. Oftentimes referred to as "Velcro dogs," greyhounds make great companions, she said.
—Katy Fitzpatrick, “Quincy greyhound adopter wants to give dogs a few good homes,” The Patriot Ledger, April 20, 2010
1992 (earliest)
"These are my Velcro dogs, they're glued to my thigh," said Rita Helle, accompanied by a 4-month-old abandoned on a road east of Pueblo, and a 2-year-old out of the Burmar Kennel.
—Natalie Meisler, “Two groups race to save greyhounds,” Denver Post, August 16, 1992
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