vertical portal
n. An Internet portal site that offers content and services aimed at a specific type of user.
The company is creating a series of what Levin calls "vertical portals" — Internet directory sites filled with news and chat rooms for people with special interests. Time Warner's Acme City site, for example, caters to fans of the company's TV shows, movies and music.
—David Lieberman, “Old media carves new-media visions,” USA Today, March 25, 1999
These sites have become what are known as vertical portals—that is, portals with a tightly focused content area geared toward a particular audience. Family Education, for example, appeals mainly to parents and children.
—Jim Lynch, “What Makes a Great Portal,” PC Magazine, March 01, 1999
1998 (earliest)
People want easy access to sites that are related and linked to whatever topic they are interested in," she says. "This is what a good portal will offer." Yahoo senior producer Alan Jones agrees. "A lot of people have been thinking about portals as a one-stop shop for everything that an online user might need," he says.

"But I think now what we are starting to see is the development of vertical portals for specific interest groups.
—Ian Grayson, “The Net's golden gate,” The Australian, July 21, 1998
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