vigilante consumer
n. A person not connected with the police or other legal authorities who exposes or seeks to punish companies that engage in illegal or unethical activities.
Other Forms
Shoppers are often swayed by their friends' opinions, whether they are buying authentic goods or fakes, she said. "Online vigilante consumer groups" also carry a lot of weight with shoppers, she said. They are quick to make fun of people who wear fake designer merchandise, citing the Facebook group "Darling I Can Tell by the Rest of Your Outfit Your Louis Vuitton is Fake."
—Rosemary Feitelberg, “The Real Fake Thing,” Women's Wear Daily, January 11, 2010
We need vigilante consumers — like Anita Roddick, of the Body Shop, said — to change their attitude and demand higher quality clothes that last, that are made in an ethical and sustainable way, above and beyond the bottom line.
—Melinda Ham, “Moral fibre of life,” Sydney Morning Herald, February 13, 2008
1991 (earliest)
Trend 8: The Vigilante Consumer. We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to buy it anymore!
—Faith Popcorn, The Popcorn Report, Doubleday, August 01, 1991