n. An animated image that appears over a web page's regular content and that, when clicked, takes the user to an advertisement or promotional site.
Surfers have learned to ignore banner ads or click past pop-up ads. But they often have no choice but to watch a growing number of new ads, which stream across their screens or block out portions of the Web pages they're trying to view. These ads are designed so that they don't leave the screen until the message has been delivered.

Some obscure all or part of a page; others, when clicked on, transport surfers to sites they might not want to visit.
These new ads take three forms: floating or flash ads, also known as vokens (short for virtual tokens), which feature animation, such as a car moving across a computer screen; interstitials, which are full-page billboards that pop up without the user requesting them; and full-page commercials.

—Randy Ray, “On-line advertisers learn to create captive audience,” The Globe and Mail, April 05, 2002
2000 (earliest)
The cornerstone of the eyeReturn system is the Voken. A Voken is a clickable virtual token that advertisers can deliver to any sponsored site, implementing any number of promotional tools, including interactive collect-and-win games, news flashes, and navigation to new content. Vokens can appear as any branded image; can exhibit infinite behaviours and boast a far higher click-through rate than traditional Web-based advertisements.
—Bonnie Brownlee, “NRG launches site with eyeReturn,” Canada Stockwatch, July 25, 2000
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