n. A portal site that offers content and services aimed at a specific industry or type of user.
To keep visitors, newspapers have to put fresh, exclusive content on their sites, she says.

While the term portal has been overused lately, some of the substitutes are even worse, the analyst notes.

"There's the term 'vertical portal,' which somebody actually referred to as a 'vortal' the other day."
—James Romenesko, “Hot rumor: CitySearch to buy Sidwalk,” Saint Paul Pioneer Press (Minnesota), June 28, 1999
Last month, Adauction.com relaunched its site as a vertical portal — a "vortal", in the latest Internet jargon — for media buyers, with online research tools and features such as news, industry gossip and discussion groups.
—“The rise of the infomediary,” The Economist, June 26, 1999
1999 (earliest)
Wilton said her early vision for Hemscott.Net would involve building on existing business and developing customised vertical portals, or vortals, for specific business segments.
—“Wilton helms hemscott.net,” Information World Review, January 01, 1999
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