n. Learning that takes place while a person is awaiting the completion of some other task.
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In the future, CSAIL researchers plan to explore opportunities to create technologies for other wait-learning situations, such as Wi-Fi seeking, email loading, and even elevator waiting.
—Adam Conner-Simons, “'WaitChatter' app teaches vocabulary during moments in between texts,” Phys.org, May 15, 2015
They surmised that instant messaging provided an excellent application to test whether a program could enable wait-learning for language vocabulary. Often while chatting, conversations feels asynchronous; the person who just sent a message waits for a reply.
—Will Thalheimer, “Wait-Learning: Learning During Normally Wasted Time,” Subscription Learning, May 15, 2015
We present an instant messaging (IM) prototype, WaitChatter, that supports the notion of wait-learning by displaying contextually relevant foreign language vocabulary and micro-quizzes while the user awaits a response from her conversant.
2013 (earliest)
WORD PLAY — the "while you wait" learning game —has come to 23 transit shelters and light rail cars around the Pittsburgh region.
—Rachel Weaver, “Turn wait time into game time,” Trib, August 01, 2013
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