wallet share
n. The proportion of a consumer's disposable income allotted to a single company.
Kuntz said what surprised GM of Canada is the company has generated so much interest when other companies have introduced numerous new cards and features during the last few months. The company views the proliferation of cards and benefits as a fight "for wallet share."
—Tony Van Alphen, “GM Card moving full-speed ahead with over 500,000 applications,” The Toronto Star, June 18, 1993
1990 (earliest)
BancOhio, along with a growing number of banks, is marketing personalized cards it hopes are too pretty to destroy. Most families today have at least one major credit card, and many have two or even three, so issuers compete not just to have their products accepted, but used.

"All card issuers are fighting for wallet share," Edwards said, "and we think that by having a card that reflects your interests, you are more likely to pull that card out."
—William Jackson, “These Collectors Get a Charge Out of Old Credit Cards,” Business First-Columbus, March 26, 1990
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