web cramming
n. A scam in which a person or small business accepts an offer for a free website, only to be subsequently charged a monthly fee on their phone bill.
The FTC said that in a web cramming case, one defendant, not immediately identified, will return more than $3 million to consumers.
—Jim Wolf, “World's major 'dot con' scams targeted by anti-fraud groups,” The Vancouver Sun (British Columbia), November 01, 2000
Holbrook may have been a victim of a new scam called "Web cramming" that has aggravated small business owners across North Carolina in recent months.
—“Businesses charged for sites they didn't order,” The Associated Press State & Local Wire, April 03, 1999
1999 (earliest)
The N.C. Attorney General's Office … is planning to crack down on Web cramming, a new scam that has hit small business owners statewide in recent months.

In February, 19 of 25 cramming complaints that reached the attorney general's consumer complaints division were from companies that claimed they were charged for Web sites they didn't order or for Web sites they had canceled after a one-month free trial, data from the division show.
—Karin Schill, “Complaints of Web cramming surface,” The News and Observer, April 02, 1999
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