web rage
n. Extreme anger caused by web frustrations such slow downloads, nonexistent links, and information that is difficult to find.
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With literally millions of sites available, the time it takes to track down what you are after is often down to luck, rather than skill.

But, before you succumb to web rage or give up, take a look at a book out this week. The Good Web Guide To Money, by financial journalist David Emery, contains more than 100 reviews of the essential money websites, each site marked on a star system (out of five) for quality of information, speed, reliability, ease of navigation and design.
—Jill Papworth, “Net search: Taking waves out of surfing,” The Guardian (London), May 27, 2000
I've heard of road rage and house rage, but now apparently we have Web Rage when you can't find what you want on the web pages of the internet.
—D. Marshall, “Checkout Rage!,” Leicester Mercury, November 02, 1998
1998 (earliest)
Stress-management consultants have identified a new phenomenon as more people using the net become angry and exasperated as they find it too busy or too slow.

Now, the first on-line counselling service to offer practical advice on dealing with "web rage" has been set up. In a survey of 500 internet users, more than one-third said that they felt tense and annoyed after an on-line session.
—Paul Dinsdale, “Internet surfers discover web rage,” The Independent, July 19, 1998