n. An episode of a web-based show or movie.
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So far, there has been no big hit Internet show that defines the medium, in the way that Milton Berle's show did in television's infancy.

Most of the made-for-the-Web shows now online are in short "Webisodes," only a few minutes long, and many are cartoons.
—Andrew Pollack, “Show Business Embraces Web, But Cautiously,” The New York Times, November 09, 1999
Warner Bros. Online and Brilliant Digital Entertainment have teamed up to create a multipath interactive adventure called The Menace of Metallo. . . . "It's hearkening back to the early days of movies," said Warner Bros. Online president Jim Moloshok. "It's the old cliffhanger episode. You come back next week, you see the next web-isode."
—Michael Stroud, “Super Powers for Superman Fans,” Wired News, October 12, 1999
1996 (earliest)
The Computer Network and Intel Corporation today announced they will launch a jointly developed Web site called Mediadome(SM) at www.mediadome.com. From top musical artists to major motion pictures to comic book heroes, Mediadome will merge today's hottest media properties with cutting-edge technology to create a brand new experience in Web-based entertainment. The site debuts on December 31 with a live Webcast of Bill Graham Presents San Francisco New Year's Eve, and will feature an exclusive new program, or "Webisode" every two weeks.
—“Mediadome Kicks Off its Regularly Scheduled Programming With a Live Webcast of Bill Graham Presents San Francisco New Year's Eve Event,” PR Newswire, December 23, 1996
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