n. A vacation that includes both a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon.
A budget planner is included and costs can be cut by planning ahead and scrimping on little things in order to splurge when it matters. Many couples today are opting for "weddingmoons" — combining their wedding and honeymoon into one special trip.
—Laurie Smith Anderson, “Read all about it,” Sunday Advocate, February 03, 2002
1995 (earliest)
Many Caribbean islands have reacted to the growing popularity of "weddingmoons'' by agreeing to waive waiting period requirements so that, in some instances, tourists can marry the day they arrive.
—Harry Shattuck, “Not all couples wed to tradition,” The Houston Chronicle, March 12, 1995
Weddingmoon is a truly silly construction and yet, head-scratchingly, it has been a registered trademark of Sandals Resorts since 1995. I'd tell you to "Go figure," but I suspect your efforts would not be particularly well rewarded.