n. A website where a couple posts information about their upcoming or recent wedding.
Also Seen As
FirstPhera is another name that thrives around the business of weddings, and is developed by Vikas Sabnani who started his venture a year ago in Ahmedabad. FirstPhera is into wedsites—websites that are used by the couple to invite friends and relatives, post pictures, and blogs related to pre and post wedding events. These wedsites also help clients share stories, and view posted greetings from friends' and relatives'.
—“Yes, I do: The business of weddings,” The Economic Times, November 07, 2008
For those reasons and more, each bride turned to a wedding Web site, also called a "wed site."

The sites allow couples to post information about how they met, display photos, provide details on the wedding and track RSVPs.
—Richard Dalton, “Wedding Web sites, or 'wed sites,' gain popularity,” Newsday, March 12, 2008
1996 (earliest)
But the wedding was a victim of its own pre-publicity. So many thousands of people tried to access the site that it became permanently engaged. Eventually the line was restored, but by then the media in Istanbul headed to the ballroom for real-life pictures of Handan and Sam.

Back on the Net, the 'Wed' site has pages of photos of the bride and groom.
—Chris Nuttall, “World first as couple tie net,” The Observer, March 10, 1996