n. A computer with an Intel microprocessor running the Windows operating system and software.
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Intel, on the other hand, is spruiking its new Viiv technology ( This promises to deliver on-demand digital entertainment via the internet, as well as the ability for families to view, manage and share music, photos and movies. You'll also be able to record your favourite TV shows on a PC running with Viiv. This sounds awfully close to what Microsoft is trying to achieve. Expect some bloodied noses behind the scenes as both technology giants vie for branding dominance in the home entertainment space and the Wintel marriage of convenience begins to disintegrate.
—Simon Tsang, “The world's greatest gadget show,” The Age (Australia), January 14, 2006
For its part, Intel is moving beyond its "Wintel" alliance with Microsoft because it wants to sell chips that power more than just personal computers.
—Simon Avery, “Apple to unveil first Intel-driven products,” The Globe and Mail, January 10, 2006
1994 (earliest)
There's a WinTel (Apple's term for an Intel-standard PC running Windows) architectural rupture coming within the next two to three years. So when you're planning your development process, what do you develop it on?
—Andrew Gore & Jon Swartz, “Diery: Apple will crack Windows,” MacWeek, August 01, 1994