workweek creep
n. The gradual extension of the workweek caused by performing work-related activities during non-work hours.
Also Seen As
It's a jargon-filled jungle out there. Just as soon as you master "cankles" and "e-commerce," up pop "cheapuccinos" and "workweek creep."
—Alyssa Ford, “Say what? A guide to words worth using — and losing — in 2011,” Star Tribune, January 02, 2011
A drawback of technology is constant connectivity and constant workplace interruptions — to the point that many of us have lost our weekends.
—Marc L. Grubb, “Workweek creep,” Creative Reaction, June 30, 2008
1997 (earliest)
Work week creep: Steelcase Inc., the office furniture maker, surveyed more than 1,000 people and found that 73 percent of those employed in an office of 100 people or more work on the weekend, either at home or in the office.
—“File Cabinet,” The Baltimore Sun, April 13, 1997