yacht rock
n. A form of soft rock music with a smooth, melodious sound, often with nautically themed lyrics.
Other Forms
"I listen to music while I do this," says Calagione. "After a double-shot of espresso. And it’s my most productive hour of the day in terms of thinking creatively about new products or projects for our company."

You won’t hear ’80s yacht rock or hip-hop coursing through Calagione’s headphones.
—Gary Dzen, “Dogfish unveils its latest music-inspired brew,” The Boston Globe, June 14, 2014
These readers are wrong. Chance the Rapper, of course, did not cover the song by Christopher Cross, king of yacht rock.
—Robinson Meyer, “Here Come the '90s Kids: Chance the Rapper Covers the Arthur Song,” Atlantic Online, May 30, 2014
1994 (earliest)
The best term that I have heard for JB's music was "Yacht Rock" Don't remember where I heard it first, but it stuck.
—Mark Hancheroff, “New Parrothead,” alt.fan.jimmy-buffett, February 28, 1994
Yacht rock peaked in the late 1970s and early 1980s and is epitomized by songs such as "Sailing", by Christopher Cross, "What a Fool Believes", by the Doobie Brothers, and "Watching the River Run," by Loggins & Messina. A YouTube mockumentary called Yacht Rock ran between 2005 and 2010 on Channel 101.
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