yard sale
n. The scene of a skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking crash where equipment has been thrown everywhere.
There's no end to betty bashing on the slopes—most often from the guys. A girl pearls in the snow, spreading gear across the slope, and she could hear the put-down, "Yard sale!"
—Dennis Romera, “No bunny hop,” Los Angeles Times, March 01, 1996
The goateed, earringed Haslock began as an aerialist because "I was intimidated catching air." (That means he was afraid of jumping off his roof.) As if that wasn't bizarre enough, at the Calgary Olympics, he accomplished close to what the skiers call "a yard sale" — hats, goggles, body parts scattered all over the hill.
—Curry Kirkpatrick, “A Loopy Leap of Faith,” Newsweek, February 21, 1994
1984 (earliest)
Western Pig?

"Survival technique," Flint Smith said. "Bailing out when you think you may lose control. Stop, traverse, turn uphill, anything that works. That's Western Pig. If you don't bail out, you have a yard sale."

Yard sale?

"That's when you crash," said Erik Peltonen, "and you lose your skis, your poles, your goggles, everything. That's a yard sale."
—Martha Weinman Lear, “The Powder and the Glory,” The New York Times, March 11, 1984