n. A young person who owns or runs a technology company.
Yetties are the boys and girls of the new economy, of e- commerce; the people who have made the new millions — or are in line for — them because they own bits of businesses that Wall Street and the City have valued incredibly highly.
—Peter York, “The Yuppie Is Dead — Long Live the Yetie,” The Independent (London), March 21, 2000
So what is a yettie? It stands for Young, Entrepreneurial and Tech-based. They've dominated the headlines for a few years now, but, finally, the venture-capital-funded, Starbucks-wired e-elite have attained the ultimate symbol of world domination: they've got their own demographic label.
—“No: 1589 Yettie,” The Guardian (London), March 08, 2000
2000 (earliest)
He carries a black computer bag stitched with a company name, has tightly cropped hair, wears tiny black glasses and frequently talks into a mobile phone about a double-chip switching router. Everyone has met him: he is a yettie, a Young, Entrepreneurial, Tech-based Twenty-something, and can be found tapping into his Psion while sipping a vodka and cranberry in a bar near you.
—Rupert Steiner, “Enter the abominable yettie,” Sunday Times (London), February 13, 2000
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