zip code marketing
n. A marketing campaign aimed at a specific ZIP code or postal region.
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An Olathe marketing firm will commemorate its 25th anniversary with an open house this week. Ruf Strategic Solutions plans its celebration from 3 to 6 p.m. Friday at 1533 E. Spruce St. … The firm's milestones include partnering with Martin Baier, known as the father of ZIP code marketing.
—Linda Cruse, “Marketing firm will celebrate 25 years,” Kansas City Star, July 25, 2001
1983 (earliest)
Newspapers must consider ways to enhance the use of zip code marketing through audit bureau of circulation reports of circulation and census data analysis and zip code maps.
—Mike Drexler, “How newspapers can survive mid-life crisis,” Marketing & Media Decisions, February 01, 1983
Outside of the U.S., this technique is known as postal code marketing.
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