n. An animal that's a hybrid of a zebra and a horse.
In addition to their five horses, the Elders own Zeb, a 10-year-old zebra.

"It's always been something I've wanted," Clarence said. "I wanted one for the challenge and just to be different."

The Elders bought Zeb from a ranch near Loma, Colo., for $8,000.

They cannot ride Zeb because a zebra's back cannot support the weight of a rider.

But he was bred to three of the Elders' mares, and they are expecting three "zorses" this spring.
—“North Dakota News Briefs,” The Associated Press, October 20, 2002
1994 (earliest)
Two dozen Loganville first graders giggled and gawked as dog trainer Jennifer Maginnis whistled Shep, her prize-winning border collie, through his paces.

Maginnis gave a command and Shep darted one way, herding a small clutch of sheep up a hill. Then she whistled a second signal and Shep tore off in another direction, moving the sheep back where they had been before. "I wish my dog was smart like that," 7-year-old Emerald Lane said.

But smart, sheep-steering dogs weren't the only impressive animals Emerald and her classmates found during a recent visit to Bluesprings Farm.

"We got to see a zebra!" said Emerald. …

Soon he expects to have a new critter vying for affection. A pony was expecting and the suspected father was the zebra. Which of course, means the new addition to the farm will be a …

"It's a zorse," Baird said, with a laugh. "Because the kids named it that."
—Joe Earle, “In Loganville, travel mementos graze and entertain children,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, May 12, 1994
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