n. A disaster caused by an advanced artificial intelligence.
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The combination of these three views is thought to imply the AI-pocalypse: the state of affairs in which AI+ take over and do something very bad. This could range from enslaving the human population, to exterminating them, to destroying the world and to many other imaginable horrors.
—John Danaher, “The Singularity - Overview and Framework,” Philosophical Disquisitions, December 24, 2012
Let's say there's a 5% chance of a superhuman General AI being developed in the next 10 years and ushering in the singularity. Let's say 4/5 of those scenarios would lead to a Bad End which could reasonably be called an apocalypse (or an "AI-pocalypse", perhaps).
—DeevGrape, “Most Likely Cause of an Apocalypse on December 21,” LessWrong, December 03, 2012
2012 (earliest)
Ghost in the Shell contains a lot of contemplation regarding these issues. While many movies and series have something of an A.I.pocalypse or androids going insane, more often than not, it's either human agenda behind it all (think Aliens,) or even sabotage by anti-A.I. proponents to gain support from the general population (think Bubblegum Crash / Crisis.)
—Kageitenshi, “Does AI deserve 'human' rights?,” MMO Champion, May 05, 2012