annotated reality
n. Text, images, sounds, and other information related to the surrounding area supplied to a person from a wearable computer.
She detailed the idea of calm technology, the creation of a digital interface that is invisible, where the real world is the screen and a person's actions are the buttons. People can choose the kind of information that's presented in the real world, creating an annotated reality.
—Valentino Lucio, “The cyborg life is a busy life,” The Houston Chronicle, March 12, 2012
The devices include everything from Schwartz's fishnet vest adorned with connected components, to laptops-in-fanny-packs, to thick glasses that reflect a video display in one lens. The glasses provide a dominant vision of the real world that is overlaid by information from an electronic world. Such information overlays are called annotated reality, a subcategory of wearable computing distantly related to virtual reality.
—Chris Oakes, “Waiting for Wearable Wearables,” Wired News, October 19, 1999
1995 (earliest)
My readers often tell me that if any version of Enhanced, Augmented,or Annotated Reality gets implemented, it might be abused by people trying to manipulate other people's views and force perceptions upon them.
—Alexander Chislenko, “Intelligent information filters and enhanced reality,” Information Technology and Libraries, December 01, 1995
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