n. A person who does not vaccinate their children in the belief that vaccines are harmful.
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Here’s why the anti-vaxxers are wrong and Caplan and his co-authors are right to raise the idea of suing or criminally charging them: Parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids for reasons of personal belief pose a serious danger to the public.
—Jed Lipinski, “Endangering the Herd,” Slate, August 16, 2013
On the other hand, many people have cried out for the scientific community to provide us with more Sagans and Goulds who can make science interesting and comprehensible to a public that is becoming increasingly ignorant of science, or sucked into pseudoscience of UFOs and Bigfoot, or the junk science of creationists, anti-vaxxers, and climate change deniers.
—Donald Prothero, “Written in your genes—and atoms,” SkepticBlog, May 01, 2013
2004 (earliest)
I do know that from talking with a few ladies at church they are wary of vaxes. Only a couple other anti vaxers.
—Jen123, “If I had a penny for every time someone said…,” Mothering, June 21, 2004
I spied this word with my little eye in lexicographer Grant Barrett's entertaining look at the words that shone brightly (if sometimes only briefly) in 2013.