n. A famous or popular blogger.
Also Seen As
At its peak in 2003, Ramsin Canon's blog was luring 1,500 visitors per week.

The Noble Square resident would regularly post lengthy political essays on Chicago: Howtown on the Make, an online journal born in late 2001.

His blog-ebrity status earned him a political column in 2003 on Gaper's Block, a local news and events Webzine.
—Tracy Swartz, “How to break up with your fans, readers,” Chicago Tribune, April 18, 2007
His Los Angeles-based site,, has shaken and stirred the gossip crowd since its debut last year. Hilton, 28, posts tabloid photos of celebs and adds cheeky captions and rudimentary doodles. …

It's been quite a turnaround for Hilton, who said that before becoming a blogebrity he had been in a deep depression and last year filed for bankruptcy and was fired from a job at a celebrity weekly magazine.
—Erin Carlson, “Love him or loathe him, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton says he'll 'always be an outsider',” The Associated Press, November 06, 2006
2005 (earliest)
But suddenly she's writing these insanely complex, destabilizingly complicated Judyist posts. She's the high priestess of Judiana. A blog star, or "blogebrity" (as the Blogebrity blog has it).
—Ron Rosenbaum, “Frenzy of Judyism May Augur the Dawn Of New Neural Age,” New York Observer, October 31, 2005
The domain name was created on May 8, 2005.