n. A whimsical unit of stupidity and cluelessness.
Punch-card era oldies do not need to go into 404-trances every time they encounter a new term; nor is it necessary for them to try and become jargonauts. Most new economy jargon originates in the realm of technology (like multi-mediocrity, which means poorly created CD-ROMS), and the few that don't are easy enough to be understood by anyone with a low bozon (a unit of stupidity) count.
—“The Swadeshi Confusion,” Business Today, September 07, 2000
1995 (earliest)
The language-intimidation factor is very much alive on the Internet. Post a message on a bulletin board there and someone may tag you a "ROM brain." That's someone who spews ideas and opinions but can't seem to accept input from the outside world. Or, you might be said to have a high "bozon" count.
—Julie Schmit, “Cyberspeak,” USA Today, September 08, 1995
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